Retail Center Rohrbach 1

This retail centre with a net effective area of approx. 1,620 m² was opened in November 2000. It was integrated in an already existing center for trade and nutrition. Located on the fringe of Rohrbach, this big retail centre has developed to the most important trading spot in the region of Rohrbach.
Tenants: Zielpunkt, Kik, Schlecker
Neighbours: Sport 2000, Hofer, Vögele, DM, etc.



Operation Company: Braunsberger Liegenschafts-Errichtungsgesellschaft Rohrbach GmbH

Our Services: Property adoption from the investor, Foundation and management of the project company, Finalization of construction and billing, New signing of rental contracts, Property manag.

Start: 1999

Opening: 2000

Sale: 2005 to CEE Immo AG

Property Area: 4.707 m²

Covered Area: 1.620 m²