Fachmarktzentrum Deutsch Wagram 2

Through the construction and respectively the enlargment of this retail center, a center for local supply is coming into existence for the region of Deutsch Wagram. Located on the North-Western roundabout (B8), 10 new tenants will supplement the already existing trade enterprises. Tenants: Lidl, Bipa, Klipp, Marchfeldapotheke, Libro und Reno. Neighbouring enterprises: Deutsch Wagram 1 (Takko, Kik, DM, Turbo Schuh), Hofer, McDonald’s, Merkur.


our Services / Basic data:

Operation Company: DWZ Immobilien Entwicklungs GmbH

Our Services: Property acquisition, Foundation and management of the project company, Project processing, Project control during the execution of construction, Rental on behalf of KGAL

Start: July 2006

Opening: October 2006

Sale: 2007 to KGAL

Property Area: approx. 20.000 m²

Covered Area: approx. 5.500 m²