Retail Center Bad Hall

The project is in the centre of Bad Hall on the B122 on the old station areal, whereby in the heritage station building on 600 m² a Café/Restaurant, a Hairdresser and offices are placed. In the opposite will be erected a modern line of stores with about 4,000 m². Eurospar as a separate project has been opened in July 2010. The stores expand the commercial offer for Bad Hall in all typical branches.
Tenants: Klipp, Lidl, Fussl, Quickschuh, DM, Libro, Fressnapf, Tedi.



Operation Company: EKZ Bad Hall Projektentwicklungs- und Betreiber GmbH

Our Services: Property acquisition, roject processing, property utilization, property management

Start: Train Station: 2009 / Retail: 2010

Opening: Train Station: 2009 / Retail: 2011

Sale: 2012 to Kirchmayr Immobilien Holding GmbH

Property Area: approx. 27.500 m²

Covered Area: approx. 8.000 m²



Sieglinde Auinger
CEO Property Management
P17 Immobilienservice
Tel: +43 (0) 7252 / 72791-431