Office Center Dietach

The 3-storey Office Center Braunsberger is located on the Ennser Bundesstraße, about 2 km North of the city limit of Steyr, and holds a net office space of 1,500 m². The building hosts a community tea kitchen and is equipped with most modern technology, like night-cooling and all rooms are wired by most modern standards. All offices have a carpet, illumination, curtains, electric blinds etc.




Operation Company: Braunsberger Holding GmbH

Our Services: Property acquisition, Project processing, planning, Project control during the execution of construction, Rental, Property Management

Start: 1996

Opening: 1996

Sale: 2005 to CEE Immo AG

Property Area: approx. 4.500 m²

Covered Area: approx. 800 m²


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